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Kardesler Restaurant @ Capadoccia

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Our cave hotel in Urgup, Capadoccia was 10 minutes away from the town center. While I would imagine a town center to be bustling with activity, it was hardly the case and maybe it can be attributed to the city's low population concentration in this part of Capadoccia.


Finding a place to eat was not too much of a headache since it was a touristy place and we could only judge by the number of tourists dining. Kardesler was one of the more affordable eat outs along the stretch.


Sparsely furnished and looking like a kitchen in someone's home.


Numerous accolades written on napkins and pinned up.


Even one from the night before.


Then we were handed a menu made from a photo album complete with pictures too.

red wine

Our hospitable host poured a glass of home brewed wine for our sampling, very rough wine but I suppose that's how it is in a local family's house.


Bread that was served right out of a plastic bag - outsourcing works, even in this part of town. I was so glad it was not some recycled chopped up bread from a previous diner.

cheese beef

Grilled beef with cheese, I realise that nothing can quite go wrong with this combination. Tasty too!


A repeat of the bread on a hot pot this time round.


My lamb stew was watered down and bland.

I suppose this meal was purely out of convenience and we attempted dishes that we have not encountered in the other cities.

Kardesler Restaurant

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