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Karadeniz Restaurant @ Istanbul

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The combination of late nights and hunger drove us to scout for food in an area that was not as touristy as the rest and everyone else seemed to be fighting the nightlife in Taksim Square. We found a number of eateries and literally stood in the cold to do a random pick on one that would appeal.


Looking turkish enough with the number of locals dining.


The kitchen was in a complete mess, bowls inwashed, the staff were scrambling to fulfill orders and the dude in the picture actually changed into formal wear with a jacket and left. Methinks he left for a late night date.

Point is, despite the kitchen madness we still proceeded with the order.


Kebabs and rice in our first Turkish takeaway, it was good enough to silence the hunger pangs but hardly gourmet.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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