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GRUB Noodle Bar @ Rangoon Road

Special thanks to GRUB Noodle Bar for the invite!


Our supper scene welcomes a new kid on the block - GRUB Noodle Bar, brought to you by the same folks behind GRUB, FIX and Cookyn Inc.


The owners wanted to give diners an alternative dining spot to enjoy comforting delights, Amanda, one of the owners exclaimed how how it was to find a place to unwind after 10pm and tucking her kids in bed. They count themselves terribly lucky to have found a seafood supplier for most of the appetizers on the menu.


One highlight of GRUB Noodle Bar is their support of local talent - Eeshaun, who was commissioned to do up a wall mural capturing the essence of the place will also have his paintings adoring their walls in time to come.


Do grab a snap at this photowall - uber fun and possibly the IT thing these days. 


Chicken Drumlets ($9)
coated with curry leaves, garlic and sesame seeds 

This hot chick gives Har Jeong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken) a good run for the money with a batter so crisp and delicious, raveworthy and the drumlets are terribly juicy! Best consumed with a mug of beer and gives justice to 'hot chick'.


Kang Kong Salad ($7)
tossed with nonya achar and house dressing

I am a thorough achar fan, toss it in my istimewa, nasi lemak, appetizer before main course and I gladly lap all of that up. The essence in it is mastering the sour and spicy properly and you are bound for a journey of no return - kang kong gave this a breath of fresh air, double the excitement with both texturally different vegetable ingredients and I was sold!


Steamed Live Tiger Prawns ($14)
sake, garlic and ginger glaze

Think of a drunken prawn appetizer and this fits the bill to a T.  Be prepared to peel your way quite unglamourously though to tuck into these juicy prawns.


Soft Shell Crab ($13)
deepfried with mayo and house seasoning

The seasoning for this is similar to the chicken drumlets, a job well done on the soft shell crab! A word of advice - eat it quick!


Baby Cuttlefish ($9)

deepfried with basil pesto mayo

Another deepfried item to go with the beer guzzling or cider chugging. These bulb sized cuttlefish are easy to eat with its morsel sizes and has a delightfully light batter and delectable dip. The combination of pesto and mayo proved to be a winning combination - the creaminess of one with the mild salty and gritty of the other.


Venus Clams ($11) 
beer, toasted ginger and lemongrass broth

Plump clams ready to be slurped from their shells and the lemongrass broth in itself was a clear stunner.


Hokkaido Scallop ($15) 
mustard glaze and mandarin orange salad

Indulge in  a bar food equivalent of scallop caparccio with an inventive twist.


Beef Noodles with 100% Hormone and Antibiotic Free 150 Day Grainfed Angus Ribeye ($19)
fresh egg noodles in their house sauce, 100% beef meatballs, minced beef, mushroom stew and a bowl of beef broth

Great broth is often the centerpiece of a bowl of noodle soup. Made using beef bones and vegetables, GRUB Noodle Bar’s wholesome broth is boiled for long hours to extract the full flavour from the beef bones. Other beef options include the brisket, rump and angus sirloin all sliced thinly to resemble a shabu shabu meal.


Look at how thinly sliced and long the beef slices are!


GRUB’s Assam Laksa ($13)


With the Chef's roots from Penang, the broth is savoury with a tangy finish. Instead of mackerel, they have substituted it with tuna, a more cost effective but taste is not compromised. Noodles are the same used for laksa, given a more localised touch to it.


They have a variety of light ciders and craft beers to go with the food.  


Bottoms up!


Spacious setting.

Look no further for comfort supper food in GRUB Noodle Bar, a cosy and down to earth joint. Best of all, they are localized to suit our palette. Word has it that the menu will be expanded with more noodle creations and I cannot wait.

Opening hours for GRUB Noodle Bar: 
Tues to Sun 7pm to 12.30am (closed on Mondays and last Tuesday of every month)

GRUB Noodle Bar
221 Rangoon Road

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