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Emirates - Turkey - Singapore

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The flight there had prepared us for a Colombo stopover and strangely, the flight back had none of that. #hurraymoment

What I did not prepare myself for was for the same crazed rushing I had to do from one terminal to another and then chase after a bus that would take us on a 30 minute merry go round the airport grounds before finally reaching the plane itself  and in our half awakened moments, I had to trek up the flight of stairs.

Lo and behold, we were given seats between two mothers nursing 4 month old babies. One complete "insertion of stars and planets aligning emoticon". The moment the bassinets were fixed, we were almost doomed for the flight. No pee-breaks without agility, I swear I almost twisted my back trying to tease myself from my seat, cling onto somewhere without awaking the baby or the mother and back and forth.

Will I still insist on bulk head seats for long haul, unfortunately yes.

Ramblings aside, I now move on to the part of the flight that I enjoy most. It was not even entertainment, I actually could sleep throughout the flight but still suffer immense jetlag thereafter. 

First up - the leg from Turkey to Dubai got us dinner on board.


Dinner was late at about 9pm. I truly think meals on board a plane are meant to screw your bodyclock upside down and back.


Juicy meatballs on a bed of warm rice, just the meal I really needed for a good night's sleep - or whatever was left of night and morning.


The other alternative of chicken kebabs with potatoes. Another delicious number, just that I wish I was not wolfing them down at 4am but maybe 10pm.


Yogurt and spinach leaves were quite an acquired appetizer even in the morning.


Guess what these are!

cracker and cheese

Crackers and cheese - my kind of comfort food on a plane.


Chocolate mousse, missing out on both colour and taste.

Somewhere during the rest of the flight from Dubai to Singapore, at 4am we were forcefed with a sandwich in a kraft bag. I forgot the flavour but this was reasonably palatable. Cold sandwiches seem to work for me on all the flights that I had taken over the two week timespan.


The only normal timed meal on the flight - breakfast at about 8am. Hot and crispy croissants, I could cry from the deliciosity of this.


The rest were acceptable - crispy wedges, meh omelette and earthy mushrooms.

The food served on Emirates has been decent so far but the distances clocked and layovers are the major considerations - cost versus time spent. And with that, I end my long haul trip for 2014. Until the next!

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