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Edebiyat Kiraathanasi @ Sultanamet

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Visiting Edebiyat Kiraathanasi was one of those experiences that had me at hello over a glass pane. Like a child peering into a window full of candies, I was truly enamoured. It had to be the combination of colours that made me enamoured. 


Trays like these greeted me at the entrance.


More of the turkish delights for takeaway!


Shelves full of memorabilia for the fans. I wish I brought back some of these pretty cups!


Opulent taps and a marble sink.


The opulence continues into the dining area and it was huge. The number of diners who have a sweet tooth in Turkey is substantial enough - at least for this place to sit 80 at its peak.


A menu so thick, full of their sweet treats.


This was the window that got me tempted. No ordinary window but one that goes from floor to ceiling, nearly.


How not to get tempted?


 Too pretty to eat and the portions are humongous.


The generosity spills over to their cakes - it's almost a full mini cake with their portioning.


I went for the one thing I wanted to try - chicken breast pudding.


As odd as it sounds and looks, the pudding was thickened like beancurd and a bite reveals shreds like these above, tasting like condensed milk. Very chewy and sweet and can probably pull off as a savoury dish gone wrong. Worth a try!

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