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Cenya Restaurant @ Istanbul

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Cenya Restaurant was perhaps the only restaurant along the stretch of Taksim Square that was open for breakfast and offering a decent spread at reasonable prices, reads less than 20TL. I scoff at places that charge exorbitant brunch prices.


Bread baskets are so common and taste all the same, I wonder if they are from the same supplier.

apple tea

Uniquely Turkish is having apple tea first thing in the morning.


The buffet spread all for 20 TL. The spread was not fabulous, just adequate for the morning's fuel.

20 lir

Cheese and olives, I shall not repeat how much of a staple these are at every meal. Almost as important as kimchi is to koreans.


If you need the address and the chosen hotel does not provide breakfast. The restaurant probably enjoys more business at night with a more extensive menu and what looks like a watering hole. The other diners probably had better luck with their all american options.


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