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Cat & The Fiddle - An online tale of cheesy bakes

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Chef Daniel Tay from Bakerzin has been creating news for going lean in the booming food and beverage industry - more than say downsize, I actually applaud his gutsy move to branch out and re-enter the market with a greater tenacity and hunger for success.

There is a segment in the market that craves simplicity - none of the fads, fuss and frumpiness that occasionally comes with wanting just a cake for an occasion.

Even the neighbourhood bakeries have gone upmarket with customisations and fact is, all these do come at a cost and having it all packaged into one flat retail price does put me off sometimes. I wish I knew the candles they threw in and box are not complimentary but already factored in and at least I am given the liberty to say - no, I do not need candles or the supposed "free" things that come cakes.

Here comes Cat and the Fiddle - admittedly, I fell for the tongue in cheek moniker, almost like a nursery rhyme and sounds really chic. The DIY options are all chargeable - before you proceed to curse under your breathe - it's all about choices.

I wanted my cake as it is - no transport, no candles, no happy birthday, no nothing. 


Milo Dinosaur ($32)


I am a 90's lass and milo dinosaur was the best accompaniment with prata. Or at least I was conditioned to think that way.


The cake came with a sachet of milo powder to flood the cake with before serving. Miraculously it became a chewy milo layer that tasted like magic with the moist cheese cake. Despite the crumbles, this was an absolutely joy to eat - and it was a blast at the party that I was hosting.


King Cat of the Mountain ($35.20)

cat and the fiddle

I admit I was biased and lowered my expectations for this Mao Shan Wang cake.

mao shan wang 

And once again magic happened in all the layers and flavours going on. Sponge cake was so light and durian pulp so pungent, this is potentially the best budget durian cake around - shame on those who pad their cakes with D24 pulp, this is one with the bang of the buck.

I am impressed, truly, and the patronage to Cat and the Fiddle will continue. Is this the new way to go moving forward?

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  1. WOw...this sounds pretty cool. Cat and the Fiddle. Bizzare name as well haha. Anyway, the surrounding wall is supposedly the crust base of a cheesecake right? Was it crumbly? :D

    1. hi there!! yah bizarre but easy to remember too! Very much like a nursery rhyme. Yes it's the crust base of the cheesecake and crumbly too!

  2. Did you find the cakes curiously cold - mine felt pretty frozen with condensation on the top... i was thinking maybe they bake a whole big batch, freeze it and then defrost upon order?
    X A

    1. Hi there...I didn't find condensation on top, maybe because I froze them anyway upon reaching home. Not surprising if they bake in bulk, freeze and thaw upon order's all about economies of scale!

  3. sounds so good!!!! i'd go here for cheesecake the next time, since it's so affordable too!

    1. yes you should!! I'm hoping to try all their flavours. :x