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Captain John @ Thirassia Island

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The trip to Thirassia Island was part of the tour package and apart from the 300 steps up and down the zig zagged path right up to the top of the island, seafood was definitely next on the agenda.


There were only 5 restauarants by the shore and we combed through all and decided to stick with the recommendation made by the tour operators - strange thing is, everyone sold the same items!


We stuck with their recommendation of Captain John's.


We had a bean dish, tasted just like baked beans only that the beans used were much larger.


Shrimps Grilled Souvlaki (EUR 11)

Three plump prawns so beautifully grilled and fresh too! These had to be the freshest prawns eaten on the trip and in the least expected place too!

more skewers

Mix (EUR 11)

This was a platter of the day's freshest catch, shrimps included and we both wish there was more to it than the platter itself.

greek coffee

Greek coffee on an island, the caffeine addict was mighty pleased.


The great thing about the island is - there is not much to do except trek and there may be a reward at the end of the 300 steps - Panorama restaurant anyone?

At the end of our trek, we did find Panorama and it did offer the views as promised but the food was no different than those 300 steps below.


Donkeys are everywhere!


I had the privilege of bypassing a few and avoiding their random poop like a circus act. Walking to avoid them was truly a tiring workout!


So long Thirassia!

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