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Borek Center @ Taksim Square

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One great thing about the hotel not providing breakfast is, I get to gallivant and find my own - and of course have nobody else to blame if it did not turn out fabulous.


A stone's throw away from our hotel was Borek Center, a shop that sold mainly pies. Borek is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo, or so Wiki says.


The list of goodies and their prices. Easy? If only I really understood Turkish.


All things baked and fresh out of the oven.


Poster boy for Borek Center. I ordered based on weight and they would chop it up accordingly for me.


I made my orders and they were neatly wrapped in a package like that. They have indoor seating but the weather was too cold and I was barely warm in my clothes so we headed back to the hotel!


A combination of beef and cheese borek for breakfast, greasy things that reminded me of prata, only thicker in dough.

Borek Center
Taksim Square

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