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Bizim Ev Restaurant @ Avanos

bizim ev hotel 

The great thing about being in a conducted tour is, I do not have to worry about transits and directions. The downside of it is, I have no control over the places we are brought for meals. We were brought to a place in Avanos, next to Sofa Hotel in the middle of somewhere and told that the restaurant had lots of pottery as part of their decorations.

stone figurine

Greeted at the front by a fertility sculpture of somesort.


Housed in a cave, this restaurant is one of the many cave restaurants that are found in Capadoccia. The great thing about cave-anything is that temperatures are maintained at a cool 15 degrees all year round!


Lunch was served without much mention what exactly and how many courses we were having. First up, meatless minestrone.


Bread was on the cold and stiff side here, a tad disappointing.


Followed by an array of appetizers - beans, yogurt and salad. These fast became staples in the tour groups that we joined and truly, they tasted just about the same.


Grilled eggplant for a first - a whole egg plant scattered with onions. Decent I say though I wish it was not served cold.


Close ups of the yogurt sprinkled with dill.


Colourful salad, these are rather universal.


Grilled whole fish for the adventurous, I'd say this was fresh.


Meatballs with fries, these were odd shaped and tasty. Not in the commercial IKEA way but hey, these are handmade at least.

turkish dessert

We ended the meal on a sweet note with Turkish baklava, thankfully not a brain freeze kind of sweet. It was sprinkled with crushed pistachios and not too oily!

Bizim Ev
Orta Mah. Baklacı Sok. No 1
50500 Avanos / Cappadocia

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