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Balik Pisiricisi @ Kusadasi

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I have not seen as many sunsets as I did on any other trip or even back home. And I remember particularly picking out a restaurant so I can have a good view of the sun setting. This was the only restaurant around our hotel that had solely turkish food, having kebabs and pasta does not quite count. 


A turkish version of a greek salad comes with more greens and no cheese. 


Instead of olives, we had preserved jalepenos and pickles.


Beef stew with bread.


Sheep's Brain Soup, not meant for the faint hearted. I was squeamish to try this but the kuay chap lover lapped it up so readily. This could be renamed cream of sheep's brain, the broth was like any other canned creamed soups only it was thinner in consistency. Lemon certainly helped to mask any form of fishiness that came from the sheep's brain and the moment of truth unveiled - it actually tasted like a dense tofu, maybe like mushrooms even. 


By this juncture, we failed to understand the amount of food we actually ordered until they arrived. These were toppings for the pizza.


The mountain of dough we had to stomach on top of all that we ordered. #lessonlearnt
Fact is, it was a really tasty pizza and would give the american counterparts a run for their money. Ingerdients overladen and topped with enough cheese!


To top off the gross factor in the meal, we also had half a portion of sheep's intestines in a bun. As unassuming as it looks, this was gamey factor up so many notches and it could pass off as minced meat with a ton of fat but the gameyness was truly a hurdle to cross. And in true kuay chap style, the kuay chap lover lapped it all up.


Next to Aryan, I wanted to try their spicy turnip drink, a beverage that most turks relish and I found it hard to accept. Spicy and cold at once, was so odd I could not bear to finish.


Alas, some normal tasting apple tea to make things all so right.

We were happy to find an authentic place at least that we could try a few exotic items. This is definitely not half as bad as it seems, affordable and less of a trourist trap.

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