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Artisan Boulangerie & Co @ Kiliney Road

Special thanks to Cheryl for the invite and Charissa for hosting us!


I think my island has one too many french confectionaires or patisseries. The way to differentiate is to whip up a menu that includes the fads of brunch and be in for a road of success. Artisan Boulangerie and Co is the latest few to join in the wagon, offering salads and savoury dishes in their enhanced menu for an all day dining experience.



I am a bread kind of person, bread over rice and noodles in any circumstance so the idea of bread for dinner was definitely a welcomed idea!


Artisanal Almond Granola ($12)

Next to overnight oats, I consider this a favourite. It is quite hard to find granola yogurt items this generous in portions. Hearty goodness!



Beef Pie ($9)

This is a signature and I love a good beef pie.


Bacon and Leek Quiche ($6.5)


Goat's Cheese Spinach Quiche ($6.50)

Goat cheese is not for the faint hearted, this reeked throughout the quiche and probably overpowered the spinach even.


Garden Pesto ($14)
Fine beans, sugar snap peas, mixed greens, edamame, sundried cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, homemade rocket pesto

A different kind of salad with edamame and peas instead of the usual leafy greens.


Eggs Benedict ($19.50)
All butter brioche, smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce


ABC nailed all the elements of a well executed eggs benedict and truly nothing to fault with the generous slivers of savoury smoked salmon.


Miso Salmon Filet ($22)
Sweet miso glazed, linguine, herbed smoked salmon sauce

I usually hesitate at pasta dishes in non-Italian places, more so in cafes or bistros because of the less than awesome experiences. ABC managed to present a very tasty pasta dish, the creaminess sent me into a food coma and the savouriness made it so gratifying.


It came with a side of roasted potatoes, never say no to carbs. 


Ribeye Steak ($32)
250grams, Australian, 100 day grain fed, black pepper sauce

Succulent bites in this chunk of man-food. It tastes good without the superfluous drizzle of sauce. The good things are always eaten best on their own.


Lemon Tart ($6)

I found the tart base on the soggy side, the filling was hinging more on sweet than the tangy I was looking for.


Chocolate Lava Cake ($8)


Rich and gooey, it could do with more molten lava.


Creme Brulee

Torched and caramelised, the custard was still on the cold side in my opinion.


Moscato ($12.50)

My brunch staple always involves a swig of bubbly, moscato no less.


Apple Beetroot Carrot (ABC Juice) ($7.50)

Cleanse your system with a juice high in antioxidents, this was a little raw to taste.

I left pleasantly with their savoury offerings and would consider this place for brunch! So much so I nudged the sister to head there for brunch one day and she kindly got me a box of eclairs and  macadamia pastry to taste!


Priced at $4.50 each, the box fits 6 snugly.


Vanilla Eclair

white chocolate


Chocolate Eclair


Mocha Eclair

I found the choux pastry a tad dry which was a letdown since the fillings were promising!

french pastry

This, in comparison was a whole lot better, the macadamia nuts and filling were generous and delicious. Went well with the pastry!

Artisan Boulangerie and Co
Kiliney Road

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