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Ancik Restaurant @ Pammukale

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The main reason why I wanted so badly to go to Pammukale was really for the cotton castles and we had a stopover at Antik, possibly the only dining place in the middle of nowhere.


A full storey to cater to tourists.


Almost no turkish in sight, except for the tour guides of course.


I saw the grilled meats and was comforted - at least there is familiar food!


The rest of the buffet table was honestly not photogenic, save for these desserts.


No familiar salad greens in sight, we load up on leeks and large chillies.


Asian noodles and cous cous make up the Turkish Cai Png.


The kebab pieces that I managed to get from the stingy man manning the stand. Pretty decent save for the fact that they were slightly salty.


The dessert that was really inviting and till today I cannot find its name. 


Made of shreds of sweetened vermicilli, there was an accompanying sweet almond sauce to go with it. An acquired dessert in this part of the world, we have the same in soup noodle form and savoury.


Soup that was the only form of broth available.

Very average fare to fill us up before our trek around Cotton Castles.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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