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The Beast @ Jalan Klapa

Special thanks to Jamie for the invite!


The Beast recently launched a Comfort Southern Brunch with an alcoholic twist that includes an $20/ hour all-you-can-drink Mimosas and a Do-it-Yourself Bloody Mary bar. The concept is inspired by the owners' NYC stint where boozy Sunday brunches were a simple weekly affair, there was no chi-chi hotel champagne brunches, but hearty unpretentious food accompanied by bottomless drinks for a reasonable price.


Bacon Maple Glazed Donut ($5)

The fat donut is not meant for the faint hearted, dough is so thick and dense, they could cut down on a bit of dough here - I am really not used to such generosity locally when it comes to my sweet treats.  That being said, I loved the bacon bits on top, tasted just like bak kwa!


Freshly baked cornbread ($6)


Kenny Rogers and I go way back in time when we talk about corn muffin, so much so, till today I head back just for them and not the chicken.  This fragrant bake was crumbly and perfumed with enough corn for me to switch allegiance. Please save space for this when you are there!


Truffle Fries ($10)

With an attitude of "never say no" to truffle fries, I had to order a bucket of these to nibble on. Crispy and aromatic, I would not have said no to another bucket if my stomach allowed.


The Big Biscuit ($22)
Buttermilk biscuit, Southern fried chicken, candied bacon, sunny side up, pimento cheese, sausage gravy

This is not the prettiest brunch dishes of all time but so hearty and satisfying - we wondered out loud, why aren't all brunch items like these? The southern fried chicken had to be the juiciest I ever sunk my teeth into and the gravy with biscuits were to-die-for.


Mac and Cheese Burger ($22)
Mac and Cheese "bun", beef patty, bacon jam, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, sweet potato fries


I'll say it upfront - this is only meant for those with a man-ppetite. Two mac and cheese buns were breaded to a crisp and filled with enough carbs to ruin any workout, paired with a juicy patty - I rest my case on why Sunday brunches should be like these - filled with enough sin to bring on a guiltless monday.


Perfectly cooked sweet potato fries. 


Freshly Squeezed Lemonade ($7)

Do not forget to give their freshly squeezed lemonades a try, these wicked drinks have a acidic sourness so biting, I was already addicted.


For once, I passed on dessert because stomach space was limited and filled to a brim. I suppose that heralds another visit soonish?

The Beast
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