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SET @ PoMo

Special thanks to Petrina and Lay Pheng for the invite!


SET, returns with a contemporary spin on Asian and Western cuisine at PoMo. Their concept similar Tao's and Dozo and their intention is to offer affordable meals for family gatherings.



Foie Gras Terrine with Red Wine Reduction

It was a tasty start, foie gras terrine seems to be the IN things these days, replacing foie gras proper. The pairing of the crunchy bread sticks were a good contrast.

Cold Dish

There are a number of dishes with meats cured in house served in their range of cold appetizers.


Smoked Duck Breast 

A salad with generous slices of smoked duck breast.


Salmon Gavlax

A deliciously smoked salmon with a cream cheese topping.


Tomato Caprese

Instead of the usual buffalo cheese, the chef created a cream cheese mousse for this. Innovative but lacking in bite.


Huai San Carpaccio

Huai San is a root, almost like turnip but a starchier aftertaste and of course the medicinal benefits that include cleansing and rejuvenating the body. An interesting reinterpretation of something usually served carnivorous.

Side Dish (For 6 course set)


Grilled King Oyster Mushroom

I love the texture of oyster mushrooms, thick and dense. 



Mushroom Velouté with Peanut Butter 

Grainy and lacking in flavour, the pairing with peanut butter though novel did not work for me.  


Miso Soup with Sake 

Served in a sake bottle and with sake cups, the clear broth was light and savoury with salmon bits. 


Roasted Pumpkin with Truffle

My favourite of the soups, the creaminess of the broth and truffle go very well together. Seconds please? 


Double Boiled Herbal Chicken

Hearty homemade soup, chicken soup for the soup this may be good for.

Main Course


Baby Pork Back Ribs

Braised till tender, it was fall off the bone texture but lacking in flavour.


Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Sinewy with bursts of flavour, this is unlike the premium cuts though. Decent for a beefy meal.


60 Degree Poached Fish

I like the crispy exterior and portions of this fish dish.


Roasted Chicken Pullet

Another one with generous portions with half a spring chicken dished up.



Homemade Cake of the Day 

Chocolate coconut cake that was pretty well done. Moist cake with the right level of sweetness, I'd pick this as a personal favourite for the list of desserts. 


Espresso Creme Brulee

Midlly flavoured with espresso, the creme brulee was torched nicely and would be great with coffee.


Pistachio Panna Cotta

Somehow I find this similar to creme brulee, only without the caramelised sugary top. 


Poached Pear with Gelato

Kudos to them for their homemade gelato, I thought the poached pear was a tad under cooked with its crunchy textures.


Huai San Jello 

For the health nuts, huai san is also included in their range of desserts to provide a healthier option. Either like it or hate it, the starchiness can be a boon or bane. 

Diners at SET can look forward to being spoilt for choice with the multiple courses available. 

5 Course Set Lunch ($28.80++)
6 Course Set Lunch/Set Dinner ($38.80++)


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