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Serene Hotel @ Istanbul

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serene hotel

Our first hotel upon touch down in Istanbul, right smack in Taksim Square and nobody ever mentioned how inaccessible this turned out to be.

noise levels

Our adequately sized room.


I thought it was comfortable until the Hubs broke out in rash.


Literally a no frills hotel with no driveway, no clear signage, no elevators, no breakfast and best of all no sound proofing in rooms. We were treated to an entire early morning symphony of cars honking, road works, drunkards strolling the streets, bar music and in short, an insomniac night.

Then I wonder why I even booked this place. The 3 nights free airport transfer did not even apply to me and we painfully stayed for 2 nights.

Book at your own risk despite its really central location.

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