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Paul's @ Tanglin Mall

Special thanks to Hsu Lin for the invite!


PAUL has recently launched new executive lunch and dinner sets at their Westgate and Tanglin Mall outlets and the menu is only availble from now to 31 October. The sets will feature all-time favourites from PAUL's menu at affordable prices. Set lunches are priced at $13.90 (main course and drink) whilst set dinners (soup, main course and drink) go for $18.90.


Their signature bakes.

Bread slices were served and butter funished upon request. I loved bread from PAUL's all the way in Paris and even in Singapore too. I should say their quality control is stringent in ensuring consistency.


Soup of the day


Clear Veggie Soup comprised of various kinds of greens and a toasted baguette slice served along with it.


Cuisse de Poulet Rotie
Roasted Chicken Leg served with salad and roasted potato

This is lauded as a favourite amongst diners. Juicy with a tasty marinate, this was slightly salty for me but otherwise a really gratifying dish.


PAUL’s traditional beef stew in rich brown sauce, served with generous slices of French country bread fresh from the bakery

Between the two, this is my favourite. A home classic that was hearty, tasty and very down to earth in the flavouring. The country bread and this were so complementary.


The set comes with a coffee or tea. 

While it would have been more complete to have desserts included, it was a very competent set meal and I would not hesitate to order my dessert ala carte to complete the experience.

The executive set dinner is available from 6pm onwards, Mondays to Thursdays, except Public Holidays.

Tanglin Mall

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