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Nameless shop @ Sultanamet

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no signboard

After the less than satisfactory lunch in the inner lanes, we resorted to the supposed "tourist traps" on the outer most lanes. Walk we did and chanced upon this friendly looking eatery, without a signboard too.


We made our choices at the stall and proceeded into the bustling coffee shop. Within seconds a basket of bread was plonked onto the table. It did not take long for me to realise that these were left overs from the previous diners - I spotted the waiter take the uneaten loaves to the back to add in fresh ones and reuse them for new customers. It already numbed the appetite quite a fair bit witnessing it.


I filled my plate with a side of meatballs and potatoes and what looked like a baked potato dish. It turned out to be chicken with a baked potato on top and glazed with cheese.


Kebab that was mostly deconstructed.

rice and chicken

A turkish version of cai png with rice, chicken and vegetables.

It was a bland meal coming straight from a kitchen of cooks that probably did not know much about seasoning and only bothered about the ringing cashiers. I wonder why really because only tourists visited the shop and most seemed happy with their food.

The greatest discovery is, a meal like that threw us back by 40 TL which worked out to be the most expensive cai png in my life. 

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