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Morganfields @ Suntec City

Special thanks to Juliana for the invite. This is guest written by J. 


Morganfield’s is styled as a refreshing take on a BBQ restaurant. The blend of the modern cooking and interiors, but not forgetting the rustic barbecue tradition that is always coupled with warm hospitality. It is well known for its signature dish – Sticky Bones – truly authentic, old fashioned prime pork ribs slow-cooked and smoked to tender mouth-watering perfection, and smothered in a oh-so-good  sweet and tangy hickory flavored BBQ sauce.


Candied Bacon

The night was off to a great start with the a very delicious candied bacon that’s done just right: not too sweet. The smokiness lingers on your tongue after you’ve chewed on it. 


Bacon-wrapped Prawns

Now if you were a cook and you didn’t know how to make your already great food taste better, you probably would wrap it in bacon, my most favourite thing in the world. That’s the right answer, as always. Deliciously seared prawns that’s springy in texture, bursting with savory bacon goodness.


Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (beer)

A world beer cup gold medal winner in 2011 and 2012, this beer is great for if you like a bit of sweetness in your pale ale. Really refreshing and easy to drink.


 Caesar Salad 

When pigging out like I do, you should always have some greens to make sure your system stays healthy. Not hard to do since this was quite yummy; the sauce was slightly tangy and made it all the more better.


Baked Mushrooms 

Nothing fanciful here, but just plain yummy after being baked in butter, my second most favourite thing in the world. 


Popcorn Chicken

This surprised me because this was one of the best of the night. The batter as light, crisp, and had a dash of cooking wine. Maybe a huadiao, or even brandy.  The mayo dip that went with me was tasted like a mix between tartar sauce and home made mayo. Deliciousness explosion.


Rogue Dead Guy (beer)

They suggested that I try this pale ale since I loved them; this came from a small craft brewery in Oregon. And boy they were right; very smooth and light for a pale ale, with bright floral flavours on first sip drifting away to a slight mouth-watering bitterness at the end.


Morganfield’s sharing platter


Can you ever have too much ribs? Morganfield’s sharing platter includes their signature Sticky Bones ribs, soft and juicy after being slow cooked for ages, fish and chips, corn muffins, salad, and chicken and pork sausages. Bring an appetite. Or 4. 




Vanilla Ice Cream Bread Pudding 

This is easy to like; very light texture that’s sure to satiate that sweet tooth without creating a bulge in your belly. It’s not overly sweet, which I enjoyed very much.


Lava Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t like lava chocolate cake? But this one actually has molten chocolate lava in it, and generous amount of chocolate. If you like black chocolate with a tinge of bitterness, this is it. The vanilla bean ice cream with frozen caramel balances this bitterness perfectly.


Morganfield’s has done justice to being a quality casual diner that serves great ribs at decent prices. Be sure to catch their 1-for-1 ribs offer this month, and if it is your birthday month, you get a cake free! 

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