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Konah Dedeli @ Urgup

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Cave hotels, are famous in Cappadocia. Consider it a once in a lifetime experience to stay in one and we opted for a reasonably priced, 400 year-old family hotel. The Ottoman rooms are well heated  and traditionally decorated with elegant modern comfort.


Our room was right next to the reception, the first one from the flight of stairs.


Very spacious and modern, despite the fact that it was carved.


A fireplace that I assume they use quite frequently in winter.


This, is right in the middle of the toilet. For the steam from the hot baths to escape, me thinks.


More of the room, its opulent looking covers and carvings.

We had a comfortable night though part of me was shutting out how creepy it actually was staying in a 400 year old establishment. Speaking like a city girl indeed when nothing around me is older than a hundred years old, must less 50 years old. Even the cars we drive are less than 10 so while it was supposed to be a luxurious experience, I was somewhat timid about it.


View from the breakfast terrace, this is what greeted us, very rustic, secluded and almost village-like.


A mis mesh of modern furniture, I particularly loved the mini garden.


The great thing about visiting early Spring is the flowers are all in full bloom.


Faruk, the inn keeper also doubled up as waiter during breakfast. The wrinkled, grey haired man made recommendations what to eat at breakfast too.

I had two of their specialties, tomato egg and spicy potato.


And then more, too greasy for morning breakfast perhaps but these were really home cooked and tasty.


I may have fallen so deep in love with olives, especially when they go so well with cheese.


Fresh off the oven was a spinach pie made me sheets of noodle, looking at lasagne!

It was a quaint place and really near to the city center though there was not much to venture around at night.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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