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ILayda Hotel @ Kusadasi

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We opted for Hotal Ilayda at our stopover in Kusadasi during our Ephesus leg of the tour. It was rather well located in this touristy part of town, with Migros a good 15 minute walk away and a pavement full of eateries.

The main problem I had with this hotel is the noise that disrupted our sleep, the same horrors repeated itself with nightlife continuing through to the wee hours of morning.


Breakfast was served in the terrace.


The view was stunning. I could see a Santorini in Kusadasi.


Pardon the dirty windows but the skies were so blue!


I always start the day with their fresh produce and in this case, baby tomatoes. They tasted so fresh, as if they were plucked from the garden.


More greens and olives.


These goat cheese shreds became the favouritest cheese by the end of the trip and I wish I had enough resolute to lug back some! They were selling by the kilo in the markets.


These cutely shaped sausages are all over Turkey, at least in the breakfast tables that I went to.


Turkish coffee for the kill.


I spotted some of their turkish pastries, Simit and chocolate cake.


More of the picturesque view.


I very audaciously packed Aryan from the supermart to try and had to finish it since we were moving off to another city. 


Salty yogurt drink not meant for the faint hearted. As much as they say this is nutritious, it was an acquired beverage to stomach.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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