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Capadoccia Restaurant @ Capadoccia

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ephesus restaurant

This lunch place layover cannot get more in your face - Cappadocia Restaurant in Cappadocia.


There are options to dine out in the open park, which would be a romantic option had it not been for the rain that followed shortly after.


As with every meal, our table would be laid with appetizers.


Lentil soup that was perfect for the wet weather.


Refreshing salads.

cheese cigars

By now, these have become my favourite Turkish snack of all time - cheese cigars! Filo pastry enveloping a generous dollop of feta cheese, delicious really begins with these.

chicken skewer

Chicken kebabs, grilled chicken bites on a skewer. I loved the smoky fragrance about it and surprisingly the chicken was still tender.

beef hotpot

Beef hotpot, the same ingredients as the kebab but it was served differently.

turkish yogurt 

One of the few lunches that ended off with dessert, Turkish yogurt with honey. I found it curd-like and foamy to taste. Not the best yogurt eaten on the trip. 

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