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Aegean Airlines: Santorini - Athens - Istanbul

Lucky me got to try out both airlines - I suppose there is no major difference except that Aegean actually serves food! We opted for Aegean Airlines to connect from Santorini to Athens and then Istanbul.


Soft chocolate chip cookie that was too overloaded with chocolate chips.


Crystal sweets to keep calm with for the rest of the 45 minute ride from Santorini to Athens.

On the longer leg of Athens to Istanbul, a 90 minute flight, we had more substantial food.


Shortly after, we were handed lunch boxes.


Looking like a comprehensive 3 course meal with a bread roll, mains and fig bar dessert!


A not too shabby version of juicy meatballs and pilaf rice, if Turkish food were anything like these, I was certainly most looking forward.


Soda, always!

recycle me

The best corporate social responsibility efforts on an airline thusfar, food from the heart literally.

Thank you Aegean Airlines, until we next meet!

Aegean Airlines 

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