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Treasures of Mid-Autumn with Grand Park City Hall

Special thanks to Belda for the invite!


Mid Autumn's back with a bigger vengeance and to celebrate the occasion, Tien Court at Grand Park City Hall  has a range of sweet treats to tempt this festive season! I was honestly surprised by the range of mooncakes that Tien Court at Grand Park City Hall have come up with. It was an extensive list of nearly all the nation's favourites.


The official drink partner for the season.


Delightful showcase of mooncakes. 


And I get to sample to my heart's content the season's offerings. 


Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans and Single Yolk ($68)
Golden Yam with Single Yolk ($65)
Golden Yam ($62)

Their range of yam mooncakes captivate the palate with its silky smooth yam paste and light, flaky golden pasty. Choose from a variety of single yolk and pumpkin-mung bean mooncakes to satisfy your craving of orh-nee in a mooncake!

Snowskin mooncakes are always popular amongst the modern mooncake consumers and every year, this is the range I look forward to most - to suss out the most audacious and creative flavours. These are all new on the menu.


Imperial Jade and Coconut Truffle in Snowskin ($58)


Pandan fragranced skin with a delightful coconut truffle.

Pearly Lychee and Lychee in Snowskin ($58)

I loved this fragrant number that had lychee bits embedded within!


Golden Cognac Truffle in Snowskin ($58)


Royal Topaz with Nougat and Chocolate Pops in Snowskin ($58)

For prospective or doting sons and daughters in laws, here's a list of gift sets one to wow the family with.

Imperial Mid-Autumn Treasures Gift Set come with a Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Sparkling Gold Honey White Lotus Seed Paste with Bird's Nest, Walntus and Cranberry ($128)

Royal Mid-Autumn Treasures Gift Set with a Bottega Gold Sparkling Wine


White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk ($75)
White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk ($75)

Golden Jade with Duo Nuts ($75)
White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts ($75)


To complete the evening, we had a showcase of their kitchen's culinary skills too - count crispy duck, yam dumplings and duck noodles amongst the dishes I tucked so heartily into.


Terribly unforgettable.


More of it in a soupy version. 


Not forgetting activities that they so thoughtfully arranged for us, this name artist could design a piece of art with our names on it and with a mid-autumn twist to it. 

There are ongoing promotions and here's the perk for being my reader!

1 August to 8 September 2014

15% + 5% off total bill and receive
a $20nett 
F and B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett 
F and B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

To order and enjoy the discounts, please quote “The Food Chapter” via email or call 6432 5555 only. Collection can be done via Grand Park City Hall, Grand Park Orchard and Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

Terms and Conditions for the vouchers :
a. F and B vouchers are redeemable for dine-in only at Grand Park City Hall (Indulge at Park, Park Palace, The Bar at Coleman, The Deli)

b. These vouchers cannot be combined and only 1 voucher can be used per table.
c. Can be used in conjunction with Indulgence, Park Gold, credit card promotions and other privileges.
c. No minimum spend required for the usage of vouchers
d. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash or in-kind

e. This voucher is only valid with the hotel’s stamp and authorised signature.
Voucher is to be presented before paying the bill
Vouchers are valid till 14 November 2014

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