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Sphinx Restaurant @ Santorini

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fira by night

Fira by night is a charmer, less claustrophic than Oia for some reason and we spent a great deal of time in Fira in our short stay.


Sphinx, is one of the highly rated restaurants in Fira itself and we were looking for somewhere romantic, cosy and had good food. Of course, good food was subjective and Tripadvisor had failed me so many times to even consider it a good gauge of food. So then, armed with some guts, we decided to drop by one wintry evening without a reservation.

Strangely or so, the restaurant was barely filled. Perhaps it was not well heated up like Naoussa and the waiters were all stiff looking, black tie and the diners were in their full polished garb. Nonetheless, I was so bundled up like a dumpling to care too much about their dress code.


Green Salad with saute Filletini, parmesan flakes and balsamic vinegar (EUR 15)

We started off with a salad, as always.

pita bread

Homemade Bread (EUR 2.5)

Warm pita bread to rescue me from the chilly temperatures. Seriously, anything warm is godsent and these were really good.


Fresh mussels with wine white and garlic sauce (EUR 15)

An intruder in my plate of mussels. I thought that white wine and mussels were the fairy god mother of all recipes for seafood, here comes mussels, garlic and of course, white wine. The gravy was rich, flavourful and best of all, piping hot. It was so good, our basket of pita bread was put to good use.

squid ink pasta

Black Tagliatelle with Shellfish, White Wine and Garlic

Squid ink pasta in Greece may sound weird enough, maybe the hand made pasta bit. I was proven wrong, so wrong. The dedication that went into it was probably immense but we enjoyed every oodle of this black number, the right thickness, flavour and the freshest seafood I ever imagined.


Instead of dessert, I opted for Vinsanto, their dessert wine. I found it a tad rancid here, oddly. Maybe the quality but anywhere else, it usually scores my meal a perfect 10.

We loved Sphinx, from end to end and really wondered why the response was so poor. In a heart beat, make this a place to visit because the view is unrivalled and unbridled. The only grouse is they use plastic sheets to block the cold which can get annoying when it fogs.

Sphinx Restaurant
 Fira, Φηρά, Fira 847

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