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SKIRT @ W Hotel

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I booked SKIRT to celebrate the hubba's birthday, a place that we have been looking forward to visiting for a long while now. Reservations were a breeze to make and we arrived early enough to take a walk around Quayside Isle, oogle at cruisers we wished we had money to own and take in the sights and sounds of the idyllic country side that comes at an affordable $2 per entry after 5pm.'


Opulent decor made of cutlery.


And then I got obsessed with their ceiling decoration.


Characteristic lights adorn the place. 


Cosy seats are made of these. 


Salt and pepper shakers.


The first set of cutlery before they were replaced. 


Beautiful cutlery.


Complimentary bread with chilli oil and a savoury dip that left us both very intrigued with the dishes to come. It was crispy on the outside, pillowy soft within and I love the crackling sound when I bit into each of them. I would advise against eating too much of this though.


We were told to drink up on the apple whiskey that was furnished in a tiny bottle, to cleanse our mouths before we took on the beefy mains.


I did a tour of the kitchen and the Chef kindly showed me raw cuts of the meat I was having and made a recommendation for Omi, a cut that was not available on the menu. I loved the marbling and would consider having this the next visit. Note that it is a tad pricey for over 200 buckeroos for 200 grams of it.


More of the meat. 


Copper pots, every cook's dream. 


Barbeque sauce to go with our mains, I thought it could be eaten without it. 


Full Blood Wagyu Grain Fed, Black more MS 9+, Alexandra, Victoria Australia ($68)
Skirt, 200g


While the skirt part is hardly a choice meat for steak, because it was a full blood wagyu grain fed, it made all the difference. Uncteous, fatty and I could hit the roof with the juices that spilled out of the meat. Very well done and very rarely do I admit, this medium is nailed so precisely, left right and center.


Black Angus Grain Fed, Black Market MS 5+ Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia ($104)
Bone in Striploin, 500g

This is the cut sold exclusively to SKIRT. The full 500 grams was a man's cut, full of flavour and juice as well. I personally prefer my full blood wagyu better but for portions, this is an affordable one.


Truffle Paella ($30)

A vegetarian paella that can pass off as a carnivore's dream. The morella mushrooms were earthy and gave good texture to the truffle infused and dusted paella. Very well done and this has to be my favourite vegetarian paella.


Spinach, Goat's Cheese Gratin ($14)


I had this as "a creamed spinach I would lose my surname for" and created some excitement. The delicate balance of cheese and cream was done so well and for once, the tiny pot was not enough.


Hand-Cut Garlic Fries, Mayonnaise ($10)

Double cooked fries with a crispy finish to it, these fries were less outstanding than the other appetisers.


I was also flailing the white flag by this time and kudos to the team for providing us with a complimentary cake for the Hubba's symbolic moment.


The chocolate pot was moussey and best of all had a molten center so rich, we were smacking our chocolate stained lips at the end of it all.


A delicious affair at W's, a place that became one chosen place for awesome steaks and that special occasion.

W Hotel

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