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Rocabella Suites & Spa @ Santorini

Santorini was the reason behind this trip that spanned both Greece and Turkey. In all honesty, Rocabella was not top of the list for our Santorini accomodation but because Astra Suites was fully booked did we consider other options.

rest area

The recreation corner if we needed to surf the net or just read magazines. 

I am so glad we did. Rocabella had an experience for us, from the first step we laid on the resort. We were welcomed with bubbly glass of champagne and with it, brought round the hotel for an introduction and left to enjoy our cosy upgraded room.

near imerovigli

Imerovigli is so safe, they do not even have security checks or guards - anyone can just walk into the hotel without barriers. Where we were, it was in between Fira and a further Oia. And I really would not advise any walking more than 30 minutes since it got us nearly to nowehere but a car rental place which we caved in subsequently.

Skaros rock is unlike what google map claims to be 30 minutes away, we even walked past Astra suites, a ton of steps down and then we were finally at the valley of the rock. Attempt at your own risk - I gave up midway only to get sun burnt and be wowed by the gorgeous blue seas of the Aegean Sea.

living room

The rest of the reception that was great for browsing of greek favourites and a drink or two.

canned food

Canned tomatoes anyone?


With compliments from the hotel.


Our glass of bubbly to welcome us.

reception by night

Just next to the reception was a retail shop of beach wear. 


As we were on a honeymoon, we had the luxury of being upgraded. 


Our suite, Tosca.


I spot myself in the mirror.


Aromatic bath essentials. 


More bubbly courtesy of the hotel. 

i do!

Rocabella is one of the hot favourites for a wedding ceremony and we were in luck to view one that happened!


The views around the resort were nothing short of breathtaking.


The blue sky and white buildings made staying in Santorini a dream come through. 

We had lunch at Tomatini, the lunch arm of breakfast. 3 days of breakfast and I wish we stayed for more. The selection was limiting but really quality food, as we soon found out. Let me just list my favourites.


Gotta love the wooden touches throughout the hotel, this is a row of them in the restaurant.


We spotted the same cabinets in the reception too!


White, was never so inviting till Santorini.


Beef Burger (EUR 13)

Knife in burger moment when we were truly ravenous by the time lunch was served.o


Penne (EUR 11)

A seemingly boring looking penne dish but was well executed with the tangyness and oh-so-fresh prawns. 


The almost never ending line of spread for breakfast.

my big fat greek breakfast

I was particularly interested in cheeses, yogurts and pies.


Feta cheese, so good in Greece.


feta cheese pies


Spinach pie tasted as good.



Greek yogurt

Tart and smooth yogurt that tasted just like the best thing on earth with a swirl of greek yogurt.

greek yogurt

I made sure I began each day with a portion of greek honey and yogurt. There was a day we had cinnamon powdered milk, interesting combination. 


chocolate mousse

Almost every day we had a sweet treat from the kitchen as a morning dessert. Chocolate mousse had to be the bestest mousse I have ever eaten - so feathery light, the biscuit base was hardly soggy too. So delicious, I had two plates and another guest was so enamoured, he made requests for it the very next day too!


Biscotti crusted chocolate delight, fingers and toes down decadent and I would have desserts every morning if it tasted just this good.

As if we were not already pampered enough, we received daily treats from the housekeepers!


Bananas for energy.


Chocolates for the sweet tooth.

fig bar

Chocolate wafers for another night cap.


On our last night, they lovingly threw in a bottle of sparkling wine.


Indeed, it ended so deliriously happy with memories to last us a lifetime. 


Rocabella by night was equally charming.


This, made heading to Santorini so very worthwhile.


Crayons for the guestbook. 


And as if the hospitality did not end, we were gifted with luggage tags. Thank you Rocabella Suites and Spa for making our stay so memorable, we are so glad we chose to stay in Imerovigli over Fira or even Oia.

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