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Princess Terrace Celebrates Its 44th Anniversary with 15 new Penang favourites!

Special thanks to Shawn and Jennifer for the invite! 


With 44 years of experience in serving authentic Penang cuisine, Copthorne King’s Hotel’s award-winning Princess Terrace has cemented a reputation for being the top Penang buffet restaurant in Singapore.


To mark the restaurant’s 44th anniversary, Chef Lim Por Tit and his team will be dishing up 15 new Penang favourites in addition to the 50 popular dishes on the buffet line from 5 to 18 August. 


I was thrilled to be invited to taste a slice of Penang in Singapore, especially with the frequent visits to Malaysia, I certainly have Penang on the agenda really soon! They serve Penang favourites all year round but in conjunction with their 44th anniversary, they have a number of new items on the menu.


Trays and trays of goodies that entice, mini kueh dadar so cute!


The even cuter ang ku kuehs filled with red bean paste.


A peek at their serving trays of slipper lobsters!

New Dishes launched in celebration of Princess Terrace’s 44th Anniversary


Hard-Tail Fish stuffed with Chilli

Whole fishes for the ravenous, these are plumped with spices for a tasty treat!


Inche Kabin (Penang style Fried Chicken)

This tasted like prawn paste chicken with a finger licking good batter.


Slipper Lobster

A tomato sauce based dish with juicy slipper lobsters. 


Sweet and Sour Pork Rib

A very competent sweet and savoury dish rolled in one, I loved the meaty ribs.


Foo Yong Crab

I love a good foo yong egg and crab is a sure bonus.


Perennial Favourites



This is one of my favourite hawker eats - chicken satay doused with peanut sauce, ketupat and cucumber. I just need a malay uncle fanning it to complete the experience. 


Chicken Curry



Thick, grainy and packed with enough flavour for seconds.


Hokkien Prawn Mee Soup

This hawker favourite had great flavour, fresh prawns and a well balanced combination of prawns and pork ribs.


Char Kway Teow

It was a pity this was not a 'live' station, otherwise it would have been a hot favourite!


Duck Mee Sua

This herbal noodle dish is a must try, very wholesome soup with a tasty portion of duck meat.  



Drapped in banana leaves, this steamed dish could do with some more spice. 


Kueh Pie Tee

A unique feature for both the popiah and kueh pie tee is, the pork used is fried first. 



Wok-fried Vegetarian Vermicelli
Wok-fried Mee Sua

We had a variety of noodle dishes and most were deliciously spicy!


Penang Laksa


I love the tangyness of a penang laksa, the pineapple certain adds to the sweetness of the dish and ups the appetite a few notches up. I did not fancy the texture of the noodle though, lacking in some bounce.


Pig’s Stomach Soup

A hearty brew for innard lovers.

Salted Duck and Vegetable Soup

A competent version of salted duck and vegetable, dig deep in for their meaty duck chunks!

The entire dessert section was dedicated to a selection of kuehs and hawker favourites which I found particularly nostalgic.  


Nyonya kueh

The mouthwatering selection was thoughtfully presented in  bite sized portions which makes trying all flavours possible. My personal favourites include tapioca kueh and kueh dadar. 


Apom Bokwa (pancake with banana sauce)

The caramelised banana sauce and pancake went really well.  


Bang Chang kueh

Crispy min jiang kueh with a generous amount of crushed peanuts! 


Homemade Soya Bean Curd

These days tao huay has been recharacterised by Lao Ban and this was a more tofu-version of the melt in the mouth pudding version I am used to. Still delicious nonetheless and brought back memories of the past.  


If Teh Tarik appealed, there is a man on standby to make it on the spot for you!

Decent spread with wonderful flavours, I wish they had Penang Laksa included in the lineup as well, maybe next time!

Buffet Lunch
Adult: $46.80++
Child: $25.80++ (5 to 12 years old)

Buffet Dinner
Adult: $51.80++
Child: $25.80++ (5 to 12 years old)
Princes Terrace
Copthorne King Hotel

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