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Olympic Air: Athens - Santorini

There are few ways to reach Santorini from Athens - plane or ferry. I opted for the former to maximise my time on the gorgeous island. Apart from Olympic Air, there is also Aegean Air as flight options.


Water and napkins.


45 minutes and nibbling through my packet of nuts later, we reached the island of our dreams. For most of our flights, we had to walk up the stairs into the aircraft - so very 1970s, the Mom muses.


Up, up, up in the air!

skies so blue

Loved how it flew like a butterfly and also landed like one. If only we had them in Asia! The airport was almost remote without many personnel but one thing, the skies cheered me up considerably upon touching down - they were incredulously and incredibly blue!

santorini airport

So idyllic, I felt almost apologetic for losing my temper over the airport transfer who 'forgot' about us.


Even pooches seemed particularly laid back here.

Paradise, awaits!

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