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Meliartos @ Athens

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Meliartos sounds like a place that I had on my place (read: Melilotos which I managed to track down later in the trip) and feeling weary from all the walking, it heralded time for tea.


I spent a great deal of time browsing the treats over the counter.


I love how the cutlery is all separately packed - speaks volumes about hygiene levels!


Minced meat pie, my first encounter before Arizona Bakery. I created a mess out of this with the flakes flying everywhere and in all its tastiness, it was somewhat oily.

sesame bagel

Sesame Koulouri which is the equivalent of a bagel, only flatter and bigger. This was just like a sandwich with ingredients, salami, tomatoes and cheese always work for me.


Caffeine addict was pleased with his choice of iced coffee.

It is a decent joint to visit whilst strolling the streets of Monstraiki.

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