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Funky Gourmet @ Athens

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Athens compared to Santorini is filled with Michelin starred restaurants and I was surprised at this realisation. The latter had none, according to the latest list and I suppose that helped us decide which country to choose quite easily. Thankfully, Funky Gourmet was within walking distance from the hotel which saved us some trouble finding it since it was mentioned that taxis would have difficulty accessing it, anyway.


We were greeted by murals on the walls.


The neighbourhood was a residential area and kids were shrieking their heads off and running around in toy scooters or plain playing catch. These graffiti seemed to tell a different story though.


In the middle of the relatively quiet neighbourhood were the doors of Funky Gourmet. All white, prim and proper looking - hardly funky methinks. We rang the bell and was brought into the reception area where our coats were taken and we were taken upstairs.


The second storey comprised of tall ceilings, glass windows and drapery.


While it may not have the view of acropolis further down or any of the heritage sites in view, I actually caught the sunset in between an unfinished building and the horizon.


As the sunset, the lighting of the place also changed into softer and romantic tones.


Kir Yianni Estate, Akakies Sparkling Rose (EUR 8)

Sparkling rose for the night, I can hardly resist a drink so pretty.

amuse bouche

Greek Bottarga with White Chocolate

The amuse bouche comprised of a cracker with white chocolate and fish mousse. Hinging more on sweet, the cracker was a crunchy appetizer.


Salsify In The Soil

Yet another appetizer that had Groupa fish mousse that came with a shovel. Visually, this was wow-inducing in all its prettiness. The fish mousse was hardly fishy and in fact, very tasty. The chips were a joy to eat too and yes, I was besotted with the mini shovel. It was one of those dishes that are very memorable and I loved the attention paid to details.


Egg with uni, the richness of the uni and creaminess of the egg mousse was an oral pleasure not to be missed.


The row of uni plonked in made both of us very unapologetic eaters.


Choriatiki Salad

If memory served me right, it was a thin layer of ham in this. Mighty delicious.


Coulouri Bread and Cretan Buttermilk

Alas bread was served after the medley of appetisers. Sesame bagels so tiny, these were a reinterpretation of their street snack. Fragrant, soft and so addictive!


Earthy Aromas

This was a forest of greens with occasional snail chunks embedded within. Very hearty and organic.


Fish with Wild Greens

Fresh catch with a delectable creamy sauce. The torched fish had a lovely texture.


Spring Wreath

The beetroot ring was a flaming red, visually very pleasing and so beautifully plated, I love my beets and this worked for me.

palette cleanser

The amazing palette cleanser was actually savoury and melted away like shaved ice. Ingenious stuff.


Scallops In The Sea

Scallops that were seared to such doneness, most of it was still raw. The succulence of each bite was mind blowing, beautiful textures and wonderful flavours in a single dish.


Lamb Chop

By this juncture, I was praying against more food appearing and they did. A full lamb rack appeared so gorgeously seared and man, this had to be one such lamb rack I have eaten that was so delicate. Flavours and succulence locked in skillfully, I had a wordless full minute.

icecream cookie

Smoked Icecream Sandwich

Cookies and icecream were at some point all the rage in time and the chef cleverly presented a chocolate cookie and icecream chilled.

funky gourmet

Bread Butter Honey at -196 Degree Celsius

This was a curious course, texturally very challenging to decipher yet the flavours came together as they should. At -196 degrees, we found some form of a magic.


Orange Explosion

The sweetest finale arrived in the form of chocolate orange balls and a bowl of dry ice.

dry ice

Liquid gold, nearly in a bowl and this theatrical experience left me mouth agape and thrilled that our dining experience was spectacularly so.

It was a once in a lifetime molecular gastronomy experience being blown away in this manner and all for 90 Euros. To date, the most creative meals of all time and it left me with more than just a happy belly. They say it's Athen's best, I think more than Athen's best.

Funky Gourmet
13 Paramithias Str. And Salaminos – 10435 Athen

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