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Dimitri's Tavern @ Armmoudi Bay, Santorini

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armoudi bay

The lovely staff at Rocabella wrote us a list of recommendations around the island and I am glad we heeded their advice to check Ammoudi Bay out. While it was a rocky drive down but the view that greeted us was beyond belief amazing. The row of restaurants was one but the waters were so crystal turqoise, I was just in awe.


All ready for retirement, methinks. How can so many shades of blue exist so wonderfully in one single picture?

crystal blue

More of the life we city dwellers travel so far and wide for.


Donkeys are still used as the main mode of transport - I suppose find a tourist and a donkey would not be too far off.

crystal sea

Spam I will for the view was really too beautiful. In Singapore, this view probably never existed even in my Grandparents' days.

best view

When we finally reached Dimitri's, there was an option to be baking in the sun or watching others bake. Being Asian meant, the latter.

fresh catch

They have an extensive menu and daily's catch was an all encompassing word for whatever you fancy. The husband being the adventurous eater he is, went for the most grotesque looking of all.


Our scorpion fish being weighed. I first heard of it at Zott's, where it was described as a rare fish in Asia, infact, getting it was so difficult hence the prices.

scorpion fish

A close up of the 600 grammer.


The rest of the fresh catch that came in shortly after we sat down.


With the waves crashing and the day's catch coming in, I was just in paradise nearly. What happened to all the stale catch that I have been consuming and termed "fresh" when this was what fresh is.


I so wish I could indulge over lunch.

fried goat cheese

Saganaki (EUR 6)

Sinful is an understatement. Chewy, gooey and crispy all at once, not forgetting the greek honey that seals this with a kiss.

greek salad

Greek Salad (EUR 7.5)

The ingredients were so generous, and while the salad was mostly green, we had a hearty salad. The main difference between greek salads and the rest then would be the chunk of fresh crumbly feta cheese.


Eggplant Dip (EUR 5.5)

I reasonate well with food served cold and this is one of those dishes that look so simple and taste so good.


Here comes the heavy weight, grilled to such a pretty crimson hue and a full fish too! Basic seasoning was required and that was good enough to bring out the juiciness and freshness of the scorpion fish. Unlike most fish, this has a firmer bite and terribly sweet!

We loved the hospitality from the start, and most definitely the food. It is unpretentious and very tasty.

Dimitri's Tavern
Armoudi Bay

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