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Chez Petit Salut @ Holland Village

Chez Petit Salut is the not so distant cousin of Au Petit Salut and shame on me for completely forgetting about this entry for a good 6 months! Until the outlet at MBFC closed and we paid the Holland Village outlet a visit.

chez petit salut

Before the shutters went down for Cedele.





amuse bouche

Starters of tuna mousse, a delectable start.


Seared scallops with a dollop of caviar. Texturally very pleasing, I love a good scallop that bounces, bursts with juices and best of all, whets the appetite for more.

foie gras

Duo of duck foie gras, terrine and pan seared apricot marmalade, brioche ($30) 

foie gras

Fatty slivers of liver and as decadent as that sounds - I only wish cholesterol levels were not so suicidal for these.


Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Pommes Frites, Mixed Mushrooms, Brown Jus ($48)

200 grams of meat to satisfy the carnivorous cravings. I had this on two occasions and was pleased with the cut of meat and succulence.


Cutting into beef is always the moment of truth, the bloodier the better. How I sound like a vamp this way but the only other meat I can take raw next to fish would be beef.


A side of fries were too good to resist.


Sauteed vegetables too.

lobster pasta

Lobster with Pasta

This was a special of the day and the curled up beauty was so gracefully placed on top my bed of pasta that somehow turned a tad stiff and cold from all the phototaking I did.

chocolate cake

Warm melted 70% chocolate cake and red fruits compote

Molten cake with a lava center, decadence in the cake that had a lovely contrast with the icecream.


Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds

Somehow profiteroles tend to disappoint me because I expect them to be like cream puffs and more often than not, the choux puffs tend to be dry and icecream too cold. This was more of an icecream puff than cream puff.

I revisited the Holland Village outlet just for the tenderloin, and it was still as delicious and well executed. The main grouse is missing out on the exclusivity of the restaurant that MBFC had.


We had sour dough bread this time round and no refills were offered.


Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Pommes Frites, Mixed Mushrooms, Brown Jus ($48)


The same satisfaction at a different outlet.


And call us boring but right down to the sides we had the same too.

It is a pity that Chez Petit Salut at Holland Village did not have the same menu as MBFC yet with consistent quality means the APS Group has maintained some form of standard across. I would not say the same of the service level however, maybe because of the crowd but it was lacking at Holland Village.

Chez Petit Salut 
Holland Village
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