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Chabuton @ 313 Somerset

Special thanks to Jaslyn and Racheal for the invite!


Chabuton – the ramen restaurant that created a great wave in the ramen industry in Japan and Thailand, is finally here in Singapore! Chabuton is the brainchild of a chef who was named “King of Ramen” by TV Champion, a well-known TV program among gastronomes in Japan. He is the owner of the first ramen restaurant appeared in the Michelin Guide; his other ramen joint in the U.S. has been featured in Zagat LA (the world's most respected source of tourist spots and restaurants in the US) for three years in a row too. The chef’s recipes are his secret in achieving all these recognitions.

With the launch of first Chabuton outlet in Singapore, ramen lovers may now savour bowls of high quality and gratifying ramen using the same recipes created by this award-winning chef for its outlets in Japan and Thailand.
One thing that also remained consistent across all three countries is the queues that snake outside the outlet. The special add-ons of soft boiled egg and buta kakuni was already sold out before 7pm. Ramen dishes can be customised according to your liking as well - in terms of noodle doneness, amount of oil and salt.

Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen
Rich and creamy pork bone soup topped with char siew and japanese leeks 

more ramen
This signature ramen comes in two sizes - $8.30 (regular) and $11.90 (large). Noodles are stringy and packed with so much flavour, I would be content slurping soup all dinner.


Chabuton Kara Kara Ramen ($12.90)

spicy ramen

The main difference is the huge dollop of spicy minced pork which is a combination of fermented tofu and pork. 

Chabuton Char Siew Ramen ($15.40)

cold noodl
Shoyu Zaru Ramen ($10.50)
Served with Japnese soy sauce soup

Like the signature ramen, this comes in two sizes and minimal price differences. The next size costs $11.90. I love dipping noodles, be it cold noodles or tsukune style.

dipping sause

This had an obvious alkaline taste.


Kaki Fry ($6)

These breaded plump oysters were crazy delicious, perfect with mayo.


Hitokuchi Gyoza ($5)

These pot stickers are bite sized, greasy and vegetarian.

fried squid

Fried Squid ($5)

Terribly addictive and I conceded defeat just once to these crisp and lightly battered squid rings. Very addictive and just so good!


Piri Kara Negi Char Siew ($2)
Shredded cabbage topped with plum sauce and chopped char siew.


A side salad with sesame dressing always works.

apple juice

Apple Juice ($4.80)

Unlike most of the canned juices sold over the counters, this was mildly sweet and tasted fresh out of an apple.

I have to try their famed outlets yet but this is a place to look out for if you are willing to brave the crowds.

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