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Athens Lotus Hotel @ Athens

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Our first stop for the trip was at Athens Lotus Hotel, located in a neighbourhood a couple of stops away from Monstraiki - where all the action was.

Breakfast was served daily at the restaurant and the spread was limited yet adequate. 


Someone reminded me to try the vegetables, particularly tomatoes in Greece. And I did, remarkably fresh, juicy and sweet!


Sausages, ham and tomato omelette were tasty things to start the day with.


Tomato omelette in another form.

greek yogurt

The holy grail - yogurt that everyone says is a must try. I had them with cornflakes and dried fruit.


I had it the organic way with honey.

more yogurt

And finally decided that honey and yogurt was the best combination. Tart yogurt with a slight tangyness and a consistency so thick, it tasted so wholesome. Unlike the yogurts that I have been eating all these years, makes them pale in comparison and watered down.

Nobody, does greek yogurt like the greeks do. I concur.

chocolate cake

Buttercake with a dollop of nutella, I was going on strong with my sugar rush addictions.


Greek confectioneries, nothing much to mention.

athens lotus

Athens Lotus Hotel by night. It was a charming and very spacious stay, we loved it!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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