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Ambrosia Restaurant @ Santorini

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Oia, the most pictured place in Santorini. The blues and whites have perhaps appeared in every tourist guide, travelogue and postcard about Santorini and being a tourist, I made my way there before sunset.


Rows and rows of these pristine white buildings.


I never loved the blue white combination so much till Santorini.


A blatant and frustrated notice from a home owner.


Every corner in Oia was touristy.


Ambrosia is not difficult to access, it was at the entrance before the neverending and winding lanes into the different nooks and crannies of Oia.


Infact, it was located beneath the flight of stairs.


Fact is, I made reservations for us way in advance and made sure we had the view of the 'caldera', which turns out was not the best view to catch the sunset. And I wonder who ever gave the tip to book a table with the view.

So yes, one big disappointment because I naively thought we could view the priceless sunset and then we were asked to pick any table we fancied. Turned out, all the tables were booked but they were not exactly allocated to diners until we arrived.

And they had to be placed so close that a mere brush would cause the tables to rumble and maybe upset half the things placed on it. Talk about having a private moment here.


Ambrosia Seafood Salad with exotic fruit, fresh salad leaves, exotic fruit vinaigrette (EUR 15)

Indeed a very exotic salad like they promised. The thing is, most of these fruits are not considered "exotic" in the part of Asia that I am from hence it was hilarious how it was viewed so "exotic". Rather colourful salad but that was really it.


Linguine with shrimps, mussels and scallops (EUR 27)

This was miles off from Sphinx's handmade pasta. Ordinary at best and my shrimps were so tiny. Homecooked meal in a pricey setting.


Fillet of Sea Bass grilled in light lemon sauce, served with vegetables of the season (EUR 23)

At least we did not go wrong with our choice of fish.


Really good vinsanto to end the meal off. Fruity, honeyed and very fragrant. I found my new favourite.

sunset at fira

The sun set, our anniversary ended and I left the restaurant wondering if we should have just gone back to Sphinx. I found it slightly overhyped and hardly as enchanting as the rest say.


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