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3 places to watch a sunset in Santorini

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Santorini like Bali is awesome for sunsets, the vastness of land and neverending seas make sunsets somewhat more charming and photogenic.

1. Imerovigli 

Contrary to what the rest say about Oia being the place to capture the sunset, I beg to differ on that. Imerovigli however is less touristy and the views are equally stunning. Oia is beautiful with the whites and blues of course but the throngs of tourists who head there just for the sunset can be a daunting experience. My snaps below for comparison!

2. Dine at a place with a sunset view

There are many restaurants that appeal to the sunset crowd by just selling the view. From Naossa at Fira to Ambrosia at Fira with limited sunset views, they all sold tables based on that. 

3. Sunset cruise

I wish the cruise ship arrived on time and not get postponed like mine was. Sunset on a cruise would be just too stunning. Book your tours at Bella Aurora and Thalassa, the one I was supposed to go on was going for 56 euros with dinner on board too!

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