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Por Kee Eating House @ Tiong Bahru

Eating houses like Por Kee play a significant role in my growing up years, and many of them have faded from our list of places to eat over the years due to declining standard, or family squabbles led to the end of an era.

I am glad Por Kee survived the very public family squabble and I finally made it there to have a taste of the very famous horfun, one that my dad has nagged to death about its glorious yesteryears.

Reservations are highly recommended as bookings can overspill to the pavement itself and having dinner past 8pm sounds like a fabulous idea to enjoy better service.


Great appetizers.

champagne ribs

Pork Ribs ($18)

These are champagne pork ribs and while I tried my hardest to taste any form of champagne, the main draw of it is the sticky sweet black sauce that made this gorgeously shiny and the chunky meat so well seasoned and cooked, we were all lost in the land of sticky and sweet.

cereal prawn

Cereal Live Prawns ($22)

So good, I ate it whole sale - head, eyes and legs. As disgusting that that sounds, the prawns were incredibly fresh and cereal was exceptionally tasty and crispy.


Sliced Fish Vegetables ($16)


Stir Fried Vegetables ($16)

I love wok fried greens, so crunchy and best of all, served piping hot!

hor fun

Hor Fun ($12)

I never thought highly of hor fun - kuay teow in a starchy broth but it has been a case of eating at the wrong places. This smelt awesomely - the charred smell was so addictive and noodles had the right springyness in every bite. When they say eat when it's hot, it definitely applies to hor fun.One spoon of broth, another of kuay teow and I always without fail commit the crime of piling too much on a spoon and end up splashing broth unceremoniously all over.

Ingredients were just so fresh, we dedicated the first 10 seconds to savouring it then fighting to finish it all. Yes, the old is always best and in this case - the best I have ever eaten.


Roast Chicken ($16)

I suppose the kitchen was experiencing the best that day - maybe the chef was in high spirits and so was his team. Crispy skin chicken with a side of salt and crackers. There was just this flicker in time that made me wonder if the epitome of good chinese cuisine could be found in these nostalgic kitchens and not some fancy restaurant.

yam paste

Yam Paste ($10)

Silken yam paste with gingko nuts in a very traditional corn soup dessert. This sounds odd but I grew up disliking corn soup dessert which was the very love of my late grandmother. Eating them together was surprisingly smooth and really tasty.

mango pudding

Mango Pudding ($3)

I may just fault them on this one dish - too artificial with the stiff jell-o.


Sea Coconut ($3)

I did not try this.

Por Kee has regained my faith in eating houses - much of a tall order here but at least hor fun, has resuscitated my interest in this hawker favourite.

Por Kee Eating House
Blk 69 Seng Poh Lane

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