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Pooh Keon Enterprise @ Jonker Street

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pooh keon

I have always had a soft spot for freshly made pastries, more so for those who had a past attached to it. Jonker Street is a haven for such infact and we walked by one shop too many selling freshly baked pineappe tarts, chestnut pastries and all the delicious fragrant bits.


Here's an idea of their full product listing. Prices seem to have gone up in the last couple of years hence the numerous stickers.


Fresh out of the oven!

pineapple tarts

They make CNY seem all year round with these pineapple tarts. I find those in Melaka on the sweet side.


The other pineapple tart variation.

burnt sugar pastry 

These are what we nabbed home. Flaky pastries with a salted sugary center. Perfect with coffee or tea and these in its mess and uneven shapes is what I call - childhood.

Poon Keon Enterprise
Jonker Street

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  1. ma ti su (beh teh sor) is not salted caramel haha. it's molasses!

  2. Quality has gone down hill tremendously. Can see they are really complacent and not interested in doing proper food