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Oxupos Mou Xupeu @ Athens

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I raved nonstop about Slovakis being the best street food and almost passing a sweeping statement that they were the best things alive all around Athens. We chanced upon this random store en route to an open air cinema that was not open till mid May - dang!


When in doubt, just go for the flavour with the least meat left.


Somehow the greeks take their preparation of food seriously - too seriously at some point.


A wrinkled and watered down version of the famous ones we had. Regrettably, this was nowhere near the deliciosity that was inked in our minds. Fries were dry, meat was dry and for a lack of a better word - so very forgettable.

acropolis alight

One thing though, we enjoyed a really charming view of Atropolis from afar.


And everything under the moon light just looks oh-so-beautiful.

Remember, choose your slovaki vendor wisely.

Oxupos Mou Xupeu
Near exit of Acropolis station

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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