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Nixon Bar @ Athens

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The locals love it and supposedly have a beeline for it after 8pm yet on the day that we went it was hardly the case at almost 8. Nixon is a cosy bar off the touristy belt.


I love the dark decor, somewhat mysterious yet cosy all at once.


Loved the lights.


Whiskey, whiskey on the wall. 

The waiter was courteous and very helpful, best of all, we had a waiter who spoke impeccable English.

nixon bar

My first Greek dinner. 


Nixon Burger (EUR 11.5)
Bacon, cheddar, caramelized onions, french fries, salad, sour cream

Strange that I ended up ordering western food in a bar in Greece but it must have been the Shake Shack satisfaction that influenced my choice for dinner. By means a really hearty burger.



I never knew pasta beyond Italy can be good, more so in a bar. Decently executed and once again, very surprised by the quality of bar food.


Watermelon Martini (EUR 9)

9 Euros for a  martini, I can almost kill myself by alcohol with such cheap prices. And then, I stopped at one with this sweet number. Maybe the jetlag got to me and all I have got is a memory of a drink I should have had another.

If it were not for the crazed up sleeping schedule on the plane, I am sure our first night out at a bar would not end so prematurely. I really would have loved for another drink.

Nixon Bar
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