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Metropoleos @ Monstraiki, Athens

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This shop defines the best of Athens' best street food - slovaki. Call it misleading that they should have an outlet right smack in the country's most visited area amongst tourists - Monstraiki. It could very well be missed as a tourist trap given the number of people that come and go or dine in.

behind the scenes 3

Souvlaki is also known as the Hamburger of Greece, these are sold all over the streets of Athens. Priced at 2 euros each, this were even better priced than the burgers at Mcdonalds.  

behind the scenes 2

The window that gets me delicious. The process is simple - pay at the counter and wait for your slovaki to be made but there is just mere seconds of interaction - chicken or lamb? And then silence is kept in respect for my lunch being made.

behind the scenes

Nifty hands make the job easy - a pinch of this and that and by folding everything in, my slovaki is complete.


Lamb slovaki snugly wrapped in layers. As simple as it looks with lamb slices, a tomato wedge, a bunch of crisp french fries and a dollop of yogurt sauce - it was a man food version of sandwich. So hearty and gratifying, I could not stop munching at first bite.

The fries made a huge difference to the texture of the sandwich and truly, nothing tasted better than this cheap eat.


The chicken had less bite but still as good. I wish we could dedicate an entire meal to Metropoleos!


Do pay them a visit if you are around the corner - oh yes, they offer complimentary use of their wash rooms too. This is a huge draw especially when everyone else either charges for entrance or require you to have a full meal.  

Monstraiki Square

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