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Merchants Wine Bar @ Duxton Hill

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Merchants like Pralum, specialises in wine. Most of the drinkers arrive as early as 530pm on a Friday to partake of their first sip of the night - well, the night is always too young anyway.


I fell in love with the prints over the counter.


Every wine place seems to have some wine wisdom of their own.


Canvas prints up for sale.

Ribeye Steak and Salad ($28)
Bearnaise sauce

The platter of meat that arrived was gorgeously pink, the only time I ever tuck into such raw meat is for beef only. These were impressively tender, very juicy and so well executed, it left us so surprised a random wine bar had such good food.


Winemaker's Steak Sandwich and Truffle Fries ($25)

This is the only other time that I would head to a place for steak sandwiches - next to Marmalade Pantry who first started my obsession with meaty steak sandwiches.


Great service is replacing my fries with truffle when the kitchen forgot about it. Their famed truffle fries were just perfumed with oil, nothing much to scream about unfortunately.


Pulled Pork Carribean Style ($18)

Whatever Carribean meant, this was just a barbeque sauce doused pulled pork quesadilla. An average attempt and that was it.

Looks like a return is a must for their wines since most people head there for that more than food but if you must, the steaks are worth a visit!

Merchants Wine Bar
52 Duxton Road

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