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Low Profile Bar @ Athens

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low profile cafe

Low Profile was featured as a drinking hole favoured by the locals and it had the largest nunber of whiskies in Athens. I suppose I had too high an expectation about this largest stockists of whiskies since it turned out to be a smoky bar filled with locals.


A really cute poster.


A wall full of bits and bobs, whiskey related no less.


The salted coated nuts may seem so ordinary proved to be the very same things we munched relentlessly on. Three refills later, we officially declared ourselves on a nut overload.

moscato d'asti

I opted for a moscato, to keep things sweet and simple. Afterall, a D'Asti has never disappointed me.


The husband's whiskey.

fish roe


I consider it an affinity with the bar owner and his really sweet waitress. We were accorded fish roe on the house! It is a popular Greek snack that locals eat with their bubbly sessions. I found it rich, very smooth and really addictive.


On the way out, I spotted a really cute motorcycle, as if to say, not all things have to be masculine - whiskey and man bars included.

Low Profile is apt really, for avoiding the flashy and loud crowds but it is by no means low profile in the atmosphere and family run bar concept. I love how everyone knows everyone and the owner who is also a bartender may know all his regulars' drinkdrankdrunk secrets too. This charming one is worth a visit.

Low Profile Bar
Lykavitou 6
Athens, Greece

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