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Ciel Patisserie @ Hougang

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Once upon many moons ago, there was an influx of bakeries opened by aspiring bakers - specially under 25. Ciel Patisserie was one of them and I finally had enough resolute to head over to Hougang to suss it out.


The cosy surroundings filled with tables for twos only. 


Fuji ($5.20)


Word has it that this was an accidental experiment of green tea mousse and lychee jelly. How vavavroom was that eureka moment I do not know but it certainly did not work for me. Mousse was curd-like and green tea flavouring had occasional moments of too rich and thick whilst the rest of it tasted mild. Lychee jelly somehow did not work for this nor for me.


Ispahan ($5.80)


I proceeded with the second mousse cake - strangely, though I was quite keen to check out the strawberry shortcake. Two mousses went wrong - the same consistency stuck, rose and lychee albeit a universally tested and fawned upon combination was a miss once again for me. Soggy amidst other things and barely discernible.


Iced Americano ($5)

A shot of espresso and diluted, the coffee addict was displeased to say the very least.

The harsh fact is there are one too many French confectioneries around and the bar keeps getting set higher and higher. Granted the items I attempted may not have been their creme de la creme but for me at least, there is no motivation to head back to try the rest. For a start, mousse cakes are not their thing.

I do applaud Chara's tenacity and guts in taking on her pastry dream but mediocrity is all there was.

Ciel Patisserie
124 Hougang Ave 1

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  1. Sad to hear that you didn't like the cakes over there. I haven't tried too but I do applaud Chara's efforts for keeping the prices of her confectioneries low and affordable to the people of the neighborhood. I suppose in general there aren't many good places to go for gateaux here in Spore...

    1. hi there! Yes actually for the same reason so I visited! It's also true that there really arent many good places available here...sigh, until someone really rises to the challenge and brings in a magnificent chef or be a disciple of someone great then we can enjoy the awesome stuff!