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Nadaman Revisited @ Shangrila Hotel

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Nadaman has a special kaiseki menu every month and for the month of April, the menu has been themed Hiru Kaiseki. I love kaisekis and omakases, depending of course how the pocket feels and the appetite. So then, it was Good Friday and I had all the time in the world to take on this 2 over hour meal without a care in the world.


We were presented with our assorted appetizers for a start. Already looking too pretty to eat.


"Yomogi" mugwort tofu and beancurd skin with wasabi

Tasting much like kueh, mugwort tofu did not have a distinct taste but freshly grated wasabi surely takes the cake for taste enhancement.


Simmered "Katakurina" vegetables with mild sauce with deep fried squid

Loved the crunchy bits scattered at the top, a very clean tasting dish.

Marinated ginger firefly squid, sweet green bean and lily bulb

Firefly squid was something new to me - the size of baby squid and tasted so delicious! Whatever the marination, it was exceptional.


Grilled miso marinated cream cheese

Who would have thought much of fried cheese - pasty, rich and such a treat!


Assorted seasonal sashimi which in this case were sea bream and yellow tail.  Very fresh sashimi and grated wasabi, I am getting spoilt on such incredibly fresh food!

conger eel soup

Clear soup with conger eel and spring vegetables

I was shellshocked to find it coming in a metal cast pot - the portion was definitely more than enough for two but I am glad I had the whole pot to myself. Wholesome hearty broth that was so irresistible, both of us were guarding our pots of soup. Conger eel, like its eel counterparts have lots of tiny bones but these are digestible.

ladys finger

Special mention goes to the tempura lady's finger that I originally mistook for seafood.


Crab meat, tomato and spring cabbage salad

The chunk of crabmeat that came with it spoilt me so very much, what would I do with ordinary crab? So sweet and complementary with the tomato and spring cabbage. 


Grilled "Ginmutsu" blue fish with "fuki" miso cheese sauce, asparagus, pimento, avocado and tomato

Fish well done, sauce would have done with a bit more punch. 

boiled rice

Boiled white rice with scallop and bamboo shoot, red miso soup and pickles

red miso oup

The rice was a good respite from all the other flavourful items - so simple, so good. I have to give my vote to red miso soup for earthy and very wholesome.


You can imagine how full I was with all the soup I'd drunk by the end of the meal and did I already mention the pickles taste extra delish with boiled rice?


Sakura Shiruko
"sakura" flavour of blueberry, strawberry, kiwi with mascarpone cheese sauce

With all the good hits I have had since the start of the meal, I was somewhat disappointed to be served a gritty cheese sauce with berries and passed off as sakura because of it's pale pink hue.


And did I mention, I love the pottery to bits too?

I loved the meal to bits and am surely a fan of Nadaman already. I cannot wait for June's menu to be out!

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