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Madam Kwan's Revisited @ The Pavilion, KL

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I have somehow gotten accustomed to paying a visit to Madam Kwan's every time I am in KL. To the extent that I have not bothered to try the local one because it would akin to paying double the price for half the satisfaction.

Some truth there I already realize by this visit.


Soyabean milk and grass jelly to quench the thirst and hopefully wash down some of the greasiness that I have been chugging all weekend long. I like how they have varying levels of sweetness.

nasi lemak

The must have Nasi Lemak set which I found less gratifying somehow. The rice was too coconutty and


We strangely found this bland, lacking in spice and hardly anywhere near the banana leafed classic.


Barely spicy as well, a disappointing one.


A tad fishy though the curry paste was yummy.


Some decent fried chicken.

Standards seemed to have dropped since the last visit, unfortunately. The price to pay for too quick an expansion?

Madam Kwan's 
The Pavilion

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