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Thong Lor Street Eats

thong lor

My Mom always dissuades us from attempting street food so this was a first for me, cramming myself amongst the thais in what is known as a food street and within the lane there were a number of popular stalls.


Crabmeat Wanton Mee (50 THB)

wanton mee

Portions are incredulous small – It is a no wonder that the foreigner needed to pack 7 portions to go, maybe all for himself.


The noodles are ingenious, al dente and springy, the dash of sesame oil made it just so simple and so good. Crabmeat on wanton mee is a luxurious treat and this 50 THB was the most worth it.

famous pad thai

Pad Thai

wok man

Watching the man cook had to be one of life’s simple pleasures – the fumes that danced around the wok were too hot to handle even from a distance. They are ranked under their national tv as tops and the orders for this was almost neverending. Thing is, it is a zichar stall that also sells pad thai but the main selling point of the stall is the pad thai (or so the posters say).

pad thai

Pity that after all the fanfare and rara created over frying one plate of pad thai, it gets left out in the cold before a staff decides it is time to serve the noodle.

pad thai

Hence, it becomes a lukewarm and starchy dish. Hardly as stellar as the reports claim to be. This version is however more savoury than the usual thai version.

tom yum


mango rice

Mango sticky rice

mango sticky rice

The pretty girl manning the stall is a main draw at the stall that opens till all her mangoes and sticky rice are sold out. Ripened sweet mangoes and a portion of sticky rice dusted with burnt rice grains, nothing but love for this thai delicacy. I may have just found the best mango sticky rice around – and I get a full mango, not one carved out of two with portions snitched from another. No wonder each diner enjoys a portion each.



pork skewer

These skewers sell like hotcakes even in the most unhygienic of conditions. Cockroaches roaming or not, they enjoyed brisk business. A skewer costs about 5THB each, juicy chunks with enough grease to make it so sinful.


One delicious pile.

indian crepe

Indian man crepe

It has to be crepes or food that resemble crepes that are wildly popular. Hardly do I find prata being this well accepted and truly, I wish I have enough stomach space to squeeze in yet another bite of something. The popular selections include banana and nutella on the prata made on the spot.

street stalls

The rest of the Thong Lor street eats that I wish I had more stomach space for!

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