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Sprigs @ Purvis Street

This is a series guest written and photographed by the dear hubba, J. Special thanks to Daniel and Andy for the invite!

With a keen interest in the Food and Beverage industry and the burning passion to deliver the best experience and value he can offer his guests, Titus Tiong conceptualized Sprigs to bring the concept of Contemporary Continental Cuisinein an affordable manner to local diners.
Each dish aims to balance simplicity with an elegant refinement, in the same way a sprig of herb is able to enhance to flavor of food. Titus presented dishes from his weekday lunch menu.


Duck Confit Salad ($6.90) 

A simple but colorful presentation of various ingredients, this certainly whetted my appetite. The duck was done nicely with all the moisture locked in the meat.


1.       Cream of Mushroom Soup ($6.90)

A fragrant and flavorful broth that balances both the earthiness of the mushrooms and the creaminess of the whipped cream well.


1.       Pumpkin Carrot Soup with Chicken ($5.90)

This reminded me of baby food, but in a good way. Comfort food for the soul with its sweetness and soft and even texture.


·         Truffle Nori Fries ($6.90)

·         Who can resist a generous serving of truffle fries? Delightfully crunchy in texture; but I was left disappointed that there wasn’t much truffle smell nor taste.


1.      Pan Seared Foie Gras ($9.90)

My eyes lit up at the size of the piece of foie gras when it was served to us. I was brimming with anticipation from the duck confit, thinking that this was also going to be very good. But I was left a bit disappointed; it was rather dry on the outside and tasted a little bland.


1.       Forest Mushroom Tagliatelle ($14.90)

I think I am biased when it comes to mushroom pastas because I love them so much, but this is a very competent version of mushroom pasta. The truffle perfume was not overpowering, leaving a good balance between the taste of cream and the earthiness of the mushroom. Similar to the mushroom soup.


1.       Confit Scandinavian Salmon ($16.90)

This is curious to me because it looked more like a poached salmon than a confit to me. Nevertheless it was a good choice for a light meal; the salmon was lightly seasoned to retain its fresh taste and the dill emulsion was a nice touch as a dipping sauce.  



1.       Pork Milanese ($16.90)
       The pork came breaded with a nice golden brown colour but was a tad soggy, the batter needs more seasoning and came across as a little bland.


Thyme Roasted Boneless Chicken Thigh ($14.90)

The red wine reduction was just enough to make a flavorful chicken thigh. A no-brainer to order if you couldn’t make up your mind about what to eat for lunch.


Spicy Seafood Linguine ($16.90)

I couldn’t taste the spiciness in this but nevertheless this is a good choice if you’re looking for something light to eat.


Beef Oxtail Stew ($16.90)

This surprised me as I always thought of oxtail stew as a thick and flavorful. Instead, this one seems like a light, soup version that isn’t too heavy for a lunch main course.


Crispy Chocolate and Caramel Crumble ($12.90)

The sea salt hazelnut blends in well with the slight bitterness of cocoa in this.


Mango and Passionfruit Panna Cotta ($12)

I could only taste passionfruit in this. There was supposed to be coconut but the tartness of passionfruit overpowered everything else.

Chocolate Slice ($12.00) 

I’m particular to dark chocolate desserts and this one is very decent. My favorite dessert here, the sourness of the raspberry sorbet brings out sweet flavors in the bitter, dark chocolate mousse.

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