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Sodam @ 100AM


Heading to Sodam was too random since the korean fanatic insisted we give this new place a try. I wish we gave the smokeless barbeque a try - but I suppose this is what another visit is for.


I am so in love with their bronze matt finish chopsticks.

berry rice wine

Berry Rice Wine

Light enough at first sip to delude the drinker.

purple drink

Does it not look like yakult? This is one deceiving cup of lethal.

lotus chips

Fried Lotus Chips

These were provided on the house with our order of rice wine, sliced so fine these were plain addictive.


Gun Mandu ($11.90)

Panfried dumplings stuffed with vermicelli, loved the crispy skin!

beef salad

Thin sliced Brisket Salad with Oriental Dressing ($19.90)

As the grill was already closed, they brought it to the kitchen to whip up something. Very light and tasty.

crab cakes 2

Crabcake ($16.90)

Tempted by anything fried, these crabcakes were fishy. I wish the korean chilli paste made it easier to stomach, but it was definitely acquired for me.

crab cakes

Minced so fine.


Homemade kimchi just for us - I thought this was homemade and really refreshing.

iced coffee

Egged on to try their iced coffee, it was aromatic to be smelt even the moment the bartender started making it. Potent stuff as well.

f&b manager

The Food and Beverage manager giving me the eye and then threatening to charge for photography thereafter. He is a really a hilarious guy!

The visit to Sodam was shortlived because of its early closing time of 10pm, considering it serves alcohol next to a Japanese bar that probably opens till late.


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